The cryptocurrency Bitcoin

  • The cryptocurrency Bitcoin has within 24 hours lost 20 percent in value.
  • to have a few days ago for some 20,000 dollars, the cost Bitcoin Friday’s second, less than 13,000 dollars today.
  • Since the beginning of the Bitcoin had experienced an increase of up to 1900 percent a phenomenal increase in value.
  • Now, other crypto currencies like Ethereum and Litecoin also forfeited double-digit percentage of their value.

Central bankers, politicians and supervisors had warned with sometimes drastic words against high losses in speculation with Bitcoin since the beginning of the week. These could ruinous particularly retail investors. In addition, the suspect made insider trading at Cyber-exchange operator Coinbase uncertainty. The trading platform presented its operating mid-week one even partially.

The Crypto currency Bitcoin is the block chain technology based. This is considered safe, transparent and revolutionary. The graph shows how the technology works.