IOTA and ClimateCheck cooperate for solutions against climate change

The IOTA Foundation and technology company ClimateCheck have entered into a strategic partnership for solutions to combat climate change.

The IOTA Foundation and ClimateCheck, a technology company active in climate change mitigation, have entered into a strategic partnership to develop data-driven solutions to combat climate change. IOTA made the announcement in a blog post on 8 December.

Tools for climate data
As part of the DigitalMRV project, the partners are working on tools for the collection and use of climate-related data. The acronym MRV stands for „Measurement, Reporting, and Verification“ of the measures used to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

With DigitalMRV, IOTA and ClimateCheck aim to facilitate the commercialisation of carbon reduction measures through more efficient measurement methods and subsequently simpler certification processes.

To this end, a 14-month pilot trial to set up a data collection system for landfill gas is beginning in Chile. Real-time data should improve the transparency of carbon credits and facilitate their further use.

Separation from co-founder David Sønstebø
At IOTA, meanwhile, the expulsion of its co-founder David Sønstebø, announced by the foundation on 10 December, is making waves. Significant differences of interest between Sønstebø and the IOTA Foundation had led to the unanimous decision to dismiss the co-founder.