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Half the world’s billionaires will own Bitcoin… in five years

All of us who make life inside the crypto world have heard stories about crypto millionaires. Those men and women who, thanks to their early bet on Bitcoin’s future, managed to multiply their capital several times over. Acquiring Bitcoin for less than 100 dollars and selling it for almost 20,000. So it’s not crazy to consider that half of the world’s billionaires will own Bitcoin in five years.

How can you think like the crypto millionaires?

Bitcoin’s upward path
It’s normal to think that Bitcoin will continue to create billionaires for years to come. Especially after observing the upward trend that has taken its toll in recent years. It will go from being worth just a few cents in 2010, to a peak of nearly $20,000 in 2017, before rising to around $10,000.

This continued increase in Bitcoin’s price has been due essentially to two factors. First, a programmed decrease in the rate of increase of the money supply known as Halving. This has kept Bitcoin a scarce commodity, halving the mining rewards of its Blockchain every four years.

And secondly, an increase in the interest generated by the cryptomoney. Especially after the big rally in 2017. Which has brought more and more people into the crypto world. Thus increasing the demand for BTC, and therefore, with a reduced supply, the natural result has been an increase in the price of cryptoactive.
This has been the process that has driven the price of Bitcoin, generating so many billionaires. Which, moreover, is expected to continue, now that after the third Bitcoin Halving the mining rewards have been halved again. Just when the interest of traditional investors seems to be resurfacing, through innovative companies like Grayscale.

Grayscale has a third of all Bitcoin mined this year

More billionaires in five years?
Of course, if Bitcoin’s share price continues to rise, so will the number of billionaires coming out of the crypto world. This has led some analysts to predict that in just five years, at least half of the world’s billionaires will be Bitcoin holders.

And this theory doesn’t seem as crazy as it might sound at first. Especially when you consider that the Forbes list currently lists 2,095 billionaires worldwide. Most of them located in China and the United States. This compares to 2,148 people with wallets containing at least 1,000 Bitcoin.

Therefore, if as many crypto market analysts expect, the price of Bitcoin continues its upward route, triggering a new post-Halving rally soon. It is quite possible that five years from now, we may see a new litter of crypto billionaires filling the Forbes list.

Thus consolidating the influence of cryptomonies on the international economy. And proving that, when it comes to Bitcoin, the best time to buy is today.

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